The last decade has seen Annbjørg Lien rise to a status as Norway’s highest profiled female fiddle player. Through recordings and live performances with a wide variety of domestic and international folk-music players, she has managed to achieve a sense of transcendence as barriers such as genre and preconception start to fade away. Her performances are of a highly individual character and set in a unique worldly setting that’s punctuated by beautiful musicianship and artistry. Lien’s fiddling can be hauntingly absorbing as it melts the past with the future, creating a hybrid that has won hearts all over the world. This live recording captures this distinctive symbiosis that is a product of her strong background in traditional Norwegian folk and a keen ear for new and exiting sounds. The phrase “Folk music for a new millennium” sounds like a hollow cliché, but in this instance the phrase has relevance.

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Annbjørg Lien: Aliens Alive (Grappa Musikkforlag – GRCD 4178)sd
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