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20.08.2012 Bergen Philharmonic tours Europe
23.04.2012 MIC Norway presents: Contemporary
22.02.2012 Game of Chance
08.02.2012 Himmelkvad
02.11.2010 HCMF 2010: Norway focus
06.06.2010 Arne Nordheim dies at 78
08.09.2009 Ultima 2009
13.08.2009 Eivind Gullberg Jensen: chains of communication
17.04.2009 Tine Thing Helseth - one with her instrument
10.02.2009 Vertavo Quartet at London’s Wigmore Hall
26.01.2009 Norwegian conductor at National English Opera
26.05.2008 German musical action for Kverndokk
12.04.2007 New director for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra appointed
15.11.2006 Maja Ratkje and POING head out on tour in the U.S.
22.09.2006 Ultima 2006
05.01.2006 Major new commission for Norwegian composer
12.12.2005 Gunilla Süssmann nominated for prestigious award
05.12.2005 The Oslo International Church Music Festival launches 2006 programme
08.11.2005 Strong Norwegian presence at key UK contemporary music festival
02.09.2005 A giant turns 90
30.08.2005 No Spaghetti Edition stage Argentinean festival
30.05.2005 Sigmund Groven: Philharmonic Harmonica
30.05.2005 Stavanger Symphony Orchestra: Geirr Tveitt's orchestral works
30.05.2005 Sturm und Drang: Klezmer! (Famous Jewish Tunes)
26.04.2005 The hottest conductor you’ve never heard of
19.04.2005 BIT20 and Cikada ensembles nominated for Nordic Council’s Music Prize 2005
07.04.2005 trio mediaeval launch US tour
07.03.2005 Symphony orchestras head out on tour
28.01.2005 Jukka-Pekka Saraste designated Music director of The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
21.01.2005 When: Pearl-Harvest
21.01.2005 Knut Nystedt: Apocapalypsis Joannis
21.01.2005 Ragnhild Berstad: Respiro
21.01.2005 Poing: Giants of Jazz
21.01.2005 John Persen: Over Cross and Crown
21.01.2005 Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen: Open
21.01.2005 Lars-Erik ter Jung & Thomas Kjekstad: Twitter Machine
01.10.2004 Geir Lysne: Korall
02.09.2004 Norwegian composer marks anniversary of 9/11 attacks
23.08.2004 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at Proms
22.06.2004 Masinandraina: The mythical past of Fartein Valen
26.05.2004 Music in a Free State - Orchestras in music history
26.05.2004 Music in a Free State - concert calendar
26.05.2004 Music in a Free State
16.04.2004 Musical celebration of independence
16.04.2004 International acclaim for Kristiansund's opera festival
24.03.2004 Horn call
18.03.2004 Two Norwegians in international Young Violinists competition
11.11.2003 The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra to tour Spain
11.07.2003 Andsnes nominated for Gramophone awards
30.05.2003 Rolf Wallin in Cleveland
01.04.2003 Dodeka - Nordheim returns with "new" album
28.03.2003 Music in a different light
03.02.2003 International media-impact for Norwegian music
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
09.12.2002 Terje Rypdal: Navigator
05.12.2002 Norwegian Christmas concert in London
28.11.2002 East meets west in Beijing
01.11.2002 Cellist Truls Mørk and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra team up for German tour.
14.10.2002 The snowball effect - part 1
14.10.2002 Naxos’ Tveitt success
14.10.2002 POING
07.10.2002 "No-one Listens to Us Anyway!"
01.10.2002 If Music be the Food of Love
01.10.2002 Harald Sæverud (1897 - 1992): Born in a Graveyard
26.09.2002 Geir Bøhren and Bent Åserud: On the Credit List
26.09.2002 Cikada: The Oslo Sound
26.09.2002 A Finger in Every Pie
26.09.2002 A Living Museum of Music
26.09.2002 Happy Birthday, OPO!
26.09.2002 Film Music - Hidden Cultural History
26.09.2002 Eva Knardahl - The Child Prodigy Who Grew Up
26.09.2002 Johan Halvorsen - Beyond the Transitory
26.09.2002 Far Flung Fluxus
26.09.2002 Ludvig Irgens Jensen: A Quest for Heights
26.09.2002 SBRÅK! Between Song and Noise
25.09.2002 Gerhard Schjelderup: Obscure Operas
25.09.2002 Geir Johnson: Musical Bridge-Builder
25.09.2002 Kindred Spirits
25.09.2002 The Third Hand
25.09.2002 Antonio Bibalo: Drama and Music
25.09.2002 Cluster in the Cathedral
25.09.2002 Myth and Reality
25.09.2002 Love & Death
25.09.2002 The Humble Master
25.09.2002 Music and Dance
25.09.2002 Geirr Tveitt: The Soul of Folk Music
25.09.2002 Trond H. F. Kverno: Prayer is the Purpose
25.09.2002 Lassse Thoresen: Aural Explorer
25.09.2002 Absolute Music
24.09.2002 Singing Cello
24.09.2002 Henning Kaggerud: A Musician´s Musician
24.09.2002 Going Against the Flow
24.09.2002 Per Arne Glorvigen: Bandoneon Player from Dovre
24.09.2002 Arild Remmereit: Modest Conductor
24.09.2002 Jiri Hlinka: Czech Inspiration
24.09.2002 Small is beautiful
24.09.2002 Ragnhild Berstad: Definitely Adult
24.09.2002 Knut Vaage: The Aesthetic of the Break
24.09.2002 Dandelion Orchestra
24.09.2002 Rhythm King of the Arctic
24.09.2002 Kåre Kolberg: A Quiet Fighter
24.09.2002 Life Begins at 40
24.09.2002 Festivities in Bergen
23.09.2002 Glenn Erik Haugland: Communicative Composer
23.09.2002 Any Way You Like It
23.09.2002 Solveig´s Song
23.09.2002 Frøydis Ree Wekre: Horn Guru
23.09.2002 The Norwegian Romance Tradition
23.09.2002 Jon Øivind Ness: Ironic Dialogue with Tradition
23.09.2002 The Mezzo Career
23.09.2002 Øistein Sommerfeldt: Lyrical Yearning
23.09.2002 Kjell Samkopf: An Idea of Sound
23.09.2002 The Joy of the Trio
23.09.2002 The Oslo Sinfonietta
23.09.2002 With Peer Gynt into the Chasm
23.09.2002 The Hellstenius Brothers: Que Sera, Sera
23.09.2002 Pride & Prejudice - A Neglected Generation
23.09.2002 A Three-headed Troll
20.09.2002 Saga King Becomes Opera - at Last!
19.09.2002 Ragnar Söderlind: Bringing Munch Alive
18.09.2002 Friends - at a Distance
18.09.2002 The History of Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
18.09.2002 A Short Presentation of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra
18.09.2002 Melodies of the Heart
18.09.2002 Fartein Valen: Ascetic and Innovator
18.09.2002 A Man of Visions
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