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21.08.2012 Quiet encounter
19.04.2012 Jazzahead! 2012
15.09.2011 Live At The Office - Paal Nilssen-Love Trio
22.06.2011 JazzNorway in a NutShell 2011
04.03.2011 Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Joshua Redman to tour Germany and Austria
29.09.2010 Arild Andersen
29.09.2010 Jon Christensen
19.03.2010 Ensemble Denada
15.03.2010 Frøy Aagre: melodic traveller
04.02.2010 One Armed Bandit
11.11.2009 Sino-Norwegian Music Week success
05.11.2009 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
23.10.2009 Ståle Storløkken and Supersilent: The play of becoming
08.10.2009 Håkon Kornstad: Dwell Time
12.09.2009 Solveig Slettahjell: visitations
21.08.2009 Eivind Aarset: cooking in the undercurrent
03.04.2009 Bendik Hofseth: some favourable moments in time
30.03.2009 UK tour for Mathias Eick
12.03.2009 Kongsberg and Molde festivals announce programme details
26.02.2009 Helge Lien Trio heads out on European tour
07.11.2008 Ice Music
07.11.2008 Punkt UK
06.11.2008 Ketil Bjørnstad - a Norwegian cultural prodigy at Kings Place
06.11.2008 Jan Bang - punktual motion
06.11.2008 Bugge’s Room
05.11.2008 Arve Henriksen - king of the place
04.11.2008 Arild Andersen and Paolo Vinaccia at the London Jazz Festival
17.10.2008 Scene Norway
19.05.2008 JazzNorway in a Nutshell
10.12.2007 Frode Gjerstad Trio to tour the US and Canada
05.11.2007 Strong Norwegian line-up at London Jazz Festival
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 1
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 2
01.06.2007 Food to tour the UK
25.04.2007 SOLID! at the 2007 Big Band Jam/ International Jazz Jam
11.04.2007 The Thing head out on US tour
22.03.2007 The first original silence
07.02.2007 Bone Collector
09.11.2006 Solveig Slettahjell to the UK
07.11.2006 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
30.06.2006 Norwegian Jazz Night in Copenhagen
27.04.2006 Strong Norwegian presence at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival
16.03.2006 Ketil Bjørnstad returns to the UK
08.03.2006 Jazz odyssey: music and migration
07.03.2006 Strong Independent review for Solveig Slettahjell
01.03.2006 BBC World fronts Norwegian jazz
15.02.2006 Norwegian Jazz gets strong UK press coverage
07.12.2005 New York, New Orleans and ... Oslo?
05.12.2005 Nils Petter Molvær heads out on French tour
11.11.2005 The Thing head out on US tour with improv legend
10.11.2005 Les Boréales - key French festival runs Norwegian focus
20.10.2005 Strong Norwegian presence at the London Jazz Festival
05.10.2005 Nils Petter Molvær back with new studio album
29.09.2005 Norwegian jazz guitarist wins international jazz competition
29.09.2005 iTunes UK runs Norwegian jazz campaign
30.08.2005 No Spaghetti Edition stage Argentinean festival
21.06.2005 Karl Seglem on the move
16.06.2005 Eivind Opsvik: a quintessential jazz musician.
07.06.2005 Scandinavian jazz masters Atomic set to play the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.
02.06.2005 Karl Seglem - fusing improvisation and tradition (part 2)
31.05.2005 Tord Gustavsen Trio settling in at the pinnacle of international jazz.
30.05.2005 Bjørn Alterhaug: A ballad
30.05.2005 Bayashi: Help Is On Its Way
30.05.2005 Christian Reim and Calle Neumann Quartet: Molde 1976
30.05.2005 Arve Henriksen: Chiaroscuro
30.05.2005 Jon Balke and Magnetic North Orchestra: Diverted travels
30.05.2005 Hilde Marie Kjersem: Red Shoes Diary
30.05.2005 Motif: Motif
30.05.2005 Robert Normann: The definitive collection 3
30.05.2005 Loud JazzBand: Don't Stop The Train
30.05.2005 Karl Seglem: Femstein
30.05.2005 The Thing: Garage
30.05.2005 Parish: Rica
30.05.2005 Skomsork: Skomsork
30.05.2005 Veslefrekk: Valse Mysterioso
30.05.2005 Knut Værnes - Vertavo: A Night in Cassis
30.05.2005 Wibutee: Playmachine
30.05.2005 Jacob Young: Evening Falls
18.05.2005 Eivind Aarset trio to tour the UK
05.04.2005 Norwegian jazz in Tokyo
31.03.2005 Jaga Jazzist
10.03.2005 Norwegian jazz at Gateshead International Jazz Festival
21.01.2005 Jan Gunnar Hoff: In town
21.01.2005 Solveig Slettahjell: Silver
21.01.2005 Roy Powell: Solace
21.01.2005 Frode Berg: Dig it!
21.01.2005 Helge Lien Trio: Asymmetrics
21.01.2005 Håvard Wiik Trio: Postures
21.01.2005 Torun Eriksen: Glittercard
21.01.2005 Jazzmob: Pathfinder
21.01.2005 Turning Pages: Jazz in Norway vol.4 1960-1970
21.01.2005 Atomic: Boom Boom
21.01.2005 Stian Carstensen: Backwards into the Backwoods
21.01.2005 Footprints: Jazz in Norway vol.5: 1970-1980
21.01.2005 Robert Normann: The definitive collection 1938 - 41 vol 1 / 1942 - 54, vol 2
21.01.2005 Come Shine - Norwegian Radio Orchestra: In concert
21.01.2005 Petter Wettre: Tour de Force
21.01.2005 Tore Brunborg Quartet: Gravity
10.12.2004 A decade of Jaga Jazzist
01.10.2004 Tord Gustavsen Trio: Changing Places
01.10.2004 Moments Notice: Moments Notice
01.10.2004 Norwegian jazz launch Europe 2004-2006
14.06.2004 Atomic tours the US
19.05.2004 Norway's summer jazz
13.05.2004 ECM - ambassadors of Norwegian jazz
22.04.2004 "Cloud Line Blue" - Electronical re-issue
18.03.2004 Frode Haltli: Looking on Darkness
24.02.2004 Beady Belle: CEWBEAGAPPIC
09.12.2003 Jazzy history
21.11.2003 Norwegian jazz 50 years
30.10.2003 Come Shine
30.10.2003 Jaga Jazzist: The Stix
13.10.2003 Vigleik Storaas Trio: Subsonic
13.10.2003 Various Performers - Portrait of a Norwegian Jazz Artist Vol. 1 - 7
13.10.2003 Sidsel Endresen/Bugge Wesseltoft: Out here. In there
13.10.2003 Eldbjørg Raknes: So much depends upon a red wheel barrow
08.07.2003 Jazz trio wins prestigious awards
19.05.2003 Midnight Sun: new Norwegian sounds to the UK audience
25.04.2003 Jaga Jazzist
09.04.2003 Massive European Jaga Jazzist tour
11.03.2003 Strong Norwegian profile at the Sonar festival
05.03.2003 Hot Club de Norvège: Angelo is back in town
04.03.2003 Northern Europe Jazz Quartet
20.02.2003 Terje Gewelt: Duality
18.02.2003 Cucumber Slumber: New Cumber
27.01.2003 Solveig Slettahjell: Slow Motion Orchestra
13.12.2002 Krøyt: One heart is too small
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
10.12.2002 BBC nominates Jaga Jazzist album jazz release of the year
09.12.2002 Romantic Aesthete
09.12.2002 Terje Rypdal: Navigator
29.11.2002 Norwegian free-jazz crossing borders
27.11.2002 - Norway’s biggest jazz export initiative ever
25.11.2002 Asian focus for Norwegian jazz ambassadors
04.11.2002 Strong Norwegian presence at London Jazz Festival
29.10.2002 The snowball effect - part 3
21.10.2002 The snowball effect - part 2
15.10.2002 Fertiliser - Norwegian talent showcased in London
14.10.2002 The snowball effect - part 1
11.10.2002 Krøyt to play exclusive dates in Europe
11.10.2002 Food promotes new album in the UK
11.10.2002 Silje Nergaard - a jazz sensation
10.10.2002 Jaga Jazzist goes global.
09.10.2002 Close Erase - reinventing fusion
26.09.2002 Hot Club de Norvège: Hottest Club in Town
26.09.2002 Karin Krog: First Lady of Norwegian Jazz
25.09.2002 Norwegian Jazz - Glowing in the Ice
25.09.2002 Bendik Hofseth: Sax and All That
24.09.2002 Nils Petter Molvær: Alone in Space
24.09.2002 Jazz in the City of Roses
24.09.2002 Jazz - Diggin´ into History
23.09.2002 Sidsel Endresen: A Voice on its Own
23.09.2002 Bugge Wesseltoft: Boogie with Bugge
23.09.2002 Silver Mines, Golden Jazz
23.09.2002 Krøyt: New Jazz through the Looking Glass
23.09.2002 Christian Wallumrød: Seeking the Contemporary
20.09.2002 Beauty Specialist
19.09.2002 Jon Balke: Young Veteran
19.09.2002 Norwegian Jazz - Something to do with Mountains?
19.09.2002 Folk Music & Jazz - Confrontation or Cohabitation?
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