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30.08.2012 Band of the Week: Susanne Sundfør
24.11.2009 US album release for Bigbang in January
19.10.2009 Sivert Høyem: into the great wide own
26.01.2009 I was a king
22.03.2007 The first original silence
08.03.2007 Heading for Texas
07.02.2007 Closing the Distance
27.09.2006 Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band.
22.09.2006 Thomas Dybdahl
08.05.2006 The Great Escape
14.03.2006 Apparently unaffected
02.03.2006 Serena Maneesh
20.02.2006 From the Appalachians to Oslo
15.02.2006 Come up for air
07.02.2006 By:larm 2006
16.12.2005 Hurra Torpedo - kitchen appliance bashers go global
16.12.2005 Norwegian acts at Eurosonic
15.12.2005 JR Ewing
13.12.2005 Madrugada: for real
08.12.2005 Ane Brun
02.12.2005 By:Larm returns to Tromsø with impressive roster
10.11.2005 Les Boréales - key French festival runs Norwegian focus
08.09.2005 Popkomm showcase profiles
18.08.2005 Robert Post - aiming for the top of the UK charts
17.06.2005 Furia to take on Europe
13.06.2005 Kings of Convenience
31.05.2005 Black Debbath: Den femte statsmakt
26.05.2005 Pleasure: Pleasure
26.05.2005 Minor Majority: Up for you and I
26.05.2005 Salvatore: Luxus
26.05.2005 Maria Solheim: Frail
26.05.2005 The Indikation: In terms of
25.05.2005 Dadafon: Harbour
25.05.2005 Thomas Dybdahl: 'Stray Dogs'
25.05.2005 Euroboys: Soft focus
21.02.2005 by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts
28.01.2005 by:Larm 2005
21.01.2005 Wholy Martin: Vampïre Songs
21.01.2005 Jim Stärk: No Time Wasted
21.01.2005 When: Pearl-Harvest
21.01.2005 The Aller Værste: Materialtretthet
06.01.2005 Strong Norwegian roster at Eurosonic
06.01.2005 Kings of Convenience top MTV’s 20 best music videos of 2004
22.10.2004 Doble whammy for World Idol winner at Nordic Music Awards
30.08.2004 In Focus: Annie
06.08.2004 Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
21.06.2004 Warm welcome for new Kings of Convenience album
14.06.2004 Analogue delight
05.05.2004 Global musical interaction
31.03.2004 Sondre Lerche goes big
25.03.2004 Unni Wilhelmsen: Hurricane’s Eye
22.03.2004 Ole Paus & Jonas Fjeld: Tolv rustne strenger
18.03.2004 Blister: Brand New Antiques
17.03.2004 World Idol winner sees heavy international airplay
12.02.2004 The lasting impact of the Bergen wave
30.10.2003 Gåte: Jygri
30.10.2003 Home Groan: Raccoon
30.10.2003 Madrugada: Grit
20.10.2003 Gothminister lands major deal
17.10.2003 Furia: ...and then we married the world
16.10.2003 Wunderkammer - Norwegian Balkanesque madness
15.10.2003 Tre Vise Menn: i ein tynne tråd
27.08.2003 Pleasure is all yours
07.08.2003 Strong international focus on Oslo festival
15.05.2003 Midnight Choir receive German praise
18.02.2003 South By Southwest - March 12 - 16
06.02.2003 Seven Norwegian acts to SXSW
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
26.11.2002 Future Danish emperors?
08.11.2002 Rec90 launches international offensive
14.10.2002 Norwegian folk music revitalised
11.10.2002 Blåmann Blåmann make traditions modern
09.10.2002 Norway’s favourite soprano launched in the States
26.09.2002 Film Music - Hidden Cultural History
26.09.2002 SBRÅK! Between Song and Noise
25.09.2002 Bendik Hofseth: Sax and All That
25.09.2002 dj AbStract: Concrete Music
24.09.2002 Deathprod. Noise Meets Silence
24.09.2002 Bertine Zetlitz: Morbid-a-Go Go
24.09.2002 Lene - Norwegian splash in Aqua
23.09.2002 Lene Marlin: Top Pop from a Teenage Bedroom
23.09.2002 Look to Hell! Look to Norway!
23.09.2002 Completely Different
23.09.2002 Lisa Stokke: Mamma Mia´s Daughter
23.09.2002 Madrugada: Blue Electric Hour
23.09.2002 a-ha: The Return of a-ha
20.09.2002 Illumination: Daylight at Last
19.09.2002 The Good, the Bad and the Norwegian
19.09.2002 Anne Grete Preus: Going Her Own Way
10.09.2002 Espen Lind: Rising Star
10.08.2002 Funny Girl Wenche
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