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21.02.2011 Statoil grant to Kvelertak
06.01.2011 Nordic Music Prize Nominations announced
26.01.2009 I was a king
05.02.2008 The National Opera postpones first premiere
16.02.2006 Mira Craig
30.08.2005 a-ha reveal album details
13.06.2005 "This is Music From Norway" successfully launched
26.05.2004 Music in a Free State
21.07.2003 Lene Marlin single release hastened
07.03.2003 Explosive web-development for MIC
27.01.2003 by:Larm 2003
20.11.2002 Listen to Norway - The International Purchasing Programme for new Phonograms
Hide details for Outside NorwayOutside Norway
30.08.2012 Band of the Week: Susanne Sundfør
26.04.2012 Enslaved signs worldwide Nuclear Blast deal
11.04.2012 Prestigious award for Vilde Frang
09.09.2011 Rave reviews for Årabrot’s latest
13.05.2011 Vilde Frang wins Classic Brit Award
18.02.2011 MIC launches office concert series
17.02.2011 New Oslo Philharmonic chief conductor announced
16.02.2011 Out Of The Black...
14.02.2011 Stargate wins Grammy
01.12.2010 Donkeyboy wins European Border Breaker Award
17.11.2010 Lindstrøm awarded major export grant
07.09.2010 Röyksopp to release‘Senior’
14.06.2010 99 Minutes #3
09.06.2010 JazzNorway in a NutShell 2010
31.05.2010 99 Minutes
08.12.2009 Grammy nomination for Norwegian label
01.09.2009 North American tour and album release for Sondre Lerche
25.08.2009 German success for Marit Larsen
04.08.2009 UK success for a-ha’s latest
05.06.2009 JazzNorway in a Nutshell 2009
12.02.2009 Jon Øivind Ness: Low Jive and the quest for new beauty
02.02.2009 Kari Bremnes: on straightforwardness and shelter
04.12.2008 Grammy nominations for Andsnes, Trio Mediæval, the Trondheim Soloists and Lindberg Lyd
04.12.2008 Grammy nominations for Stargate
02.12.2008 XFM UK runs Norwegian focus
24.09.2008 a-ha to record new studio album
27.08.2008 UK Top five for Madcon
19.08.2008 UK Top Ten for Madcon
15.08.2008 Solid UK chart performances for Ida Maria
11.06.2008 Ur Girlfriend Hates Me
19.05.2008 JazzNorway in a Nutshell
18.04.2008 Rolling Stone names Stargate Best Hitmakers
14.11.2007 Sissel reaches No.1 on Billboard
29.10.2007 Ida Maria: CMJ and Alarm
14.08.2007 First Øya reviews in
06.08.2007 The Guardian praises the Bukta Festival
01.08.2007 UK radio play for Popium
29.03.2007 Extensive European tour and new album for Mortiis
08.03.2007 BBC runs Punkt Festival focus
27.02.2007 Rave US reviews for Trygve Seim
22.02.2007 Positive US reception for new Shining album
16.02.2007 Lindstrøm to produce next 120 Days album
04.01.2007 Rave UK reviews for Adjagas
11.12.2006 Grammy nominations for Andsnes and Ensemble 96
01.12.2006 Love will tear us apart
27.11.2006 Strong UK reviews for Solveig Slettahjell
05.10.2006 Kristin Asbjørnsen: Wayfaring stranger.
28.06.2006 Serena-Maneesh takes on the UK
07.03.2006 Strong Independent review for Solveig Slettahjell
15.02.2006 Come up for air
15.02.2006 Norwegian Jazz gets strong UK press coverage
14.02.2006 Serena Maneesh lands single of the week in The Guardian
12.12.2005 Gunilla Süssmann nominated for prestigious award
12.12.2005 Grammy nomination for Truls Mørk
07.12.2005 New York, New Orleans and ... Oslo?
08.11.2005 Analogue - a-ha’s latest out now
05.10.2005 Nils Petter Molvær back with new studio album
29.09.2005 Serena Maneesh Opening for Dandy Warhols in Europe
07.09.2005 Serena Maneesh - redefining noise
18.08.2005 Robert Post - aiming for the top of the UK charts
16.08.2005 BBC visits remote Norwegian island festival
24.06.2005 The Understanding - first UK reviews in
22.06.2005 Annie profiled by Pitchfork
13.06.2005 "This is Music From Norway" successfully launched
24.05.2005 Hanne Hukkelberg lands strong The Wire review
13.05.2005 Andsnes lands strong NY Times review
04.05.2005 Strong NME review for Jaga Jazzist
02.05.2005 Annie set for US campaign
26.04.2005 The hottest conductor you’ve never heard of
08.03.2005 Strong reviews for ’Anniemal’ in the UK
03.03.2005 Rave reviews for Tord Gustavsen trio’s latest album
21.02.2005 by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts
01.02.2005 Röyksopp return with a new album
28.01.2005 Jukka-Pekka Saraste designated Music director of The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
13.01.2005 Nils Økland profiled in the Wire
06.01.2005 Kings of Convenience top MTV’s 20 best music videos of 2004
08.12.2004 Grammy nominations for Andsnes and Garbarek
30.11.2004 Turbonegro to release new album
25.11.2004 Norwegian acts generate strong UK press coverage
20.09.2004 Jan Garbarek releases new album
09.09.2004 Norwegian showcases at Popkomm 2004
30.08.2004 In Focus: Annie
09.08.2004 Andsnes nominated for Gramophone award
06.08.2004 Annie’s "Chewing Gum" single of the week in NME
06.07.2004 Maria Mena tours the US
28.06.2004 New MIC director
28.06.2004 New Biosphere Album
21.06.2004 Warm welcome for new Kings of Convenience album
18.06.2004 Norwegian Sónar showcases
16.06.2004 Strong UK reviews
11.06.2004 Maria Mena climbs the US radio charts
28.04.2004 New York week for Madrugada
21.04.2004 Successful UK press launch for World Idol winner
16.04.2004 Sissel launches US tour
16.04.2004 International acclaim for Kristiansund's opera festival
31.03.2004 A new Grammy rival - the Nordic Music Awards
31.03.2004 Sondre Lerche goes big
26.03.2004 Standing ovations for OPO, Previn and Anne-Sophie Mutter
24.03.2004 MTV to run Oslo special
17.03.2004 by:Larm praised by the Independent
16.02.2004 Trio Medieval received as queens in USA
29.01.2004 Lasse Thoresen featured in Classica Repertoir
17.10.2003 New LTN titles
27.08.2003 Pleasure is all yours
25.08.2003 Turbonegro wins prestigious Kerrang! award
07.08.2003 Strong international focus on Oslo festival
22.07.2003 Strong UK reviews for Magnet
21.07.2003 Lene Marlin single release hastened
17.06.2003 St. Thomas picks up rave UK reviews
22.05.2003 Rave UK reviews
19.05.2003 Annbjørg Lien: Aliens Alive
17.05.2003 Mari Boine: Eight Seasons
09.05.2003 Synnøve S. Bjørset: Ram
29.04.2003 CNN profiles Sondre Lerche
29.04.2003 Norwegian campaign in Texas
20.04.2003 Sør-Fron Spelemannslag: Milstein
04.04.2003 Wicked reviews for hardcore ambassadors
04.04.2003 BBC One World runs Norwegian focus
11.03.2003 Strong Norwegian profile at the Sonar festival
21.02.2003 Prestigious BBC slot for young Norwegian DJ
10.02.2003 Norwegian black-metalers to conquer Europe
06.02.2003 Seven Norwegian acts to SXSW
03.02.2003 International media-impact for Norwegian music
27.01.2003 by:Larm 2003
14.01.2003 Brit Awards nomination for Röyksopp
14.01.2003 BBC One World to broadcast from renowned Oslo club
08.01.2003 Grammy nomination for Leif Ove Andsnes
06.01.2003 A fresh start
20.12.2002 More praise for Norwegian artists
20.12.2002 Bukkene Bruse and Richard Wolff/Kari Bremnes
18.12.2002 Knut Reiersrud: Sweet showers of rain
13.12.2002 Norwegian artists honoured in international media
11.12.2002 Norwegian Gospel Voices: Let’s dance
11.12.2002 Turbonegro to return with new album
10.12.2002 BBC nominates Jaga Jazzist album jazz release of the year
10.12.2002 Röyksopp controversy
09.12.2002 A-ha to return with new album
09.12.2002 Subgud: Expander
05.12.2002 Sondre Lerche: Faces down
03.12.2002 Brent: Here and there
28.11.2002 BBC votes Jaga Jazzist’s The Livingroom Hush album of the week
27.11.2002 - Norway’s biggest jazz export initiative ever
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