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23.11.2012 Ida Jenshus - Live at the Office
05.11.2012 Live At the Office
26.06.2012 All About Jazz Presents: Doing It Norway
10.05.2012 Oslo Philharmonic residencies
19.04.2012 Susanna Live At The Office
13.03.2012 Katzenjammer - Live At The Office
13.02.2012 Valkyrien Allstars - Live At The Office
26.01.2012 Conexions
07.12.2011 11 Norwegian acts confirmed for Eurosonic ’12
02.11.2011 Ragnhild Hemsing and Hallgrim Hansegård – Live At The Office
04.10.2011 Real Ones - Live At The Office
15.09.2011 Live At The Office - Paal Nilssen-Love Trio
05.07.2011 Gjermund Larsen and The Trondheim Soloists team up for Førde Festival premiere
26.05.2011 Live At The Office - Jenny Hval
12.05.2011 Håkon Kornstad – Live At The Office
04.05.2011 Susanne Sundfør - Live At The Office
03.05.2011 BigBang - Live At The Office
03.05.2011 Live At The Office
02.05.2011 Sisu - Live At The Office
01.04.2011 Gjermund Larsen Trio - Live at The Office
14.03.2011 Christianssand String Swing Ensemble - Live at The Office
02.03.2011 Mathias Eick - Live at The Office
12.09.2009 Den Store Norske Gitarkvartett
08.09.2009 Ultima 2009
01.07.2009 Synnøve S. Bjørset
11.02.2009 The stage is set for by:Larm ’09
07.02.2008 Low Jive: Jon Øivind Ness’ symphonic postpunk
21.06.2007 Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 1
29.09.2006 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra with special focus on Rolf Wallin
08.03.2006 Nystedt to be performed in Oxford
16.02.2006 Award winning heroes
07.02.2006 By:larm 2006
30.08.2005 a-ha reveal album details
13.06.2005 46664 Arctic bathed in unfading light.
23.02.2005 See Madrugada live!
21.02.2005 by:Larm gigs spawn UK festival appearances for Norwegian acts
04.02.2005 Nelson Mandela to visit Tromsø benefit concert
10.12.2004 A decade of Jaga Jazzist
22.06.2004 Masinandraina: The mythical past of Fartein Valen
26.05.2004 Music in a Free State - concert calendar
05.05.2004 Global musical interaction
17.03.2004 by:Larm praised by the Independent
16.03.2004 Röyksopp behind the wheels in Bergen
19.02.2004 Still Supersound after ten years
17.02.2004 Håkon Austbø celebrates 40 years behind the piano
28.01.2004 World Idol Kurt’s most important concert
13.01.2004 BBC Radio 1 from Oslo
10.12.2003 The Nobel Peace Prize Concert gathers stars
25.04.2003 Unique Oslo festival
17.02.2003 Strong public turnout for by:Larm in Trondheim
27.01.2003 by:Larm 2003
14.01.2003 BBC One World to broadcast from renowned Oslo club
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