In between the worlds of folklore and classical, where pulsating energetic monody meets the polyphonic, polytonal and rhythmically intricate melody we encounter the Norwegian ensemble Majorstuen.

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This young and creative collective succeeds in utilising the totality of artistic ingredients within the Norwegian musical heritage, thus producing breathtaking new perspectives. The listener is treated to a wide range of expressions: from melancholic fiddle-tunes, good-natured folk dance parodies to astonishingly pointed and vital new compositions.

The six young fiddlers of Majorstuen, graduates of the Norwegian State Academy of Music, bring together indomitable classical chops, a love of Norwegian folk music, and a great playfulness and ingenuity on their debut CD and during their hailed performances. Monophonic, choral fiddle music is a mainstay of Nordic dance and ritual music: heard everywhere from wedding processions in small towns to the symphonies of Grieg. Majorstuen brings elements of traditional fiddle and Hardanger fiddle tunes to their compositions, revitalises the musical heritage with a contemporary approach and comes up with a highly individual and striking fiddle sound.

The fiddlers of Majorstuen manage to convey a certain purity of sound that results from six fiddles with no other accompaniment, and a real energy that comes from the resulting pulse. At times, this is very much like music for string quartet, and at times, it’s very much improvisational dance music. The common denominator for Majorstuen’s compositions and live performances is a pure, vital and energetic presence that serves as the foundation for wide-searching musical exploration.

Majorstuen represents vitality, flawless performances and a striking presence - essential listening for anyone with a love of the Nordic fiddle sound.

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