Unni Løvlid

Unni Løvlid is widely regarded as one of Norway’s most respected folk music singers.

Listen to a 30 second clip of Unni Løvlid performing the traditional Krakå satt oppå ljøra
Listen to more tracks or buy Unni Løvlid’s So Ro Liten Tull album

Unni Løvlid

Her background is strong and includes studies at the Norwegian State Academy of Music, domestic and international tours and performances as well as extensive teaching activity. She has also studied with such central Norwegian vocalists as Kirsten Bråten Berg and Sidsel Endresen. Unni Løvlid is also a member of acclaimed ensembles RUSK and Fjøgl in addition to long-standing collaborations with renowned percussionist/composer Terje Isungset and producer Helge “Deathprod” Sten (of Supersilent fame).

Past collaborations include several of the most influential and respected performers on the Norwegian music scene: Frode Haltli, Nils Økland, Bjørn Kjellemyr, Agnes Buen Garnås, Knut Buen, UTLA, Karl Seglem, Henning Sommero and Berit Opheim to name a few.

Upcoming projects include tours in Germany, Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland as well as China.

Proof of Løvlid’s abilities on the long list of rave reviews awarded her. To quote BBC’s Fiona Talkington: “Løvlid’s voice is pure and direct, completely at ease with all the changing moods”.

At the Førde Folk Music Festival, Løvlid will perform as a solo artist in addition to hosting the Talent 2003 project.

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