Popkomm Showcase profile: Delaware

Masters of aesthetic melancholy Delaware take on the Berlin audience on 15 September, returning to a steadily growing German fan-base.

Delaware 2005

Dualism is a word that springs to mind when attempting to describe the music of Norwegian quartet Delaware. Their diverse output shows a band that is able to switch from melancholic ballads to cascades of guitar walls and pounding drums. Front-man Richard Holmsen’s trademark multi-faceted voice can appear to be both angelic and raw and the outfit’s appearance can change from the introvert and contemplative to the extrovert and highly catching. Dualistic, eclectic and diverse are just but a few adjectives to describe the active quartet which is now gearing up for its next release and subsequent tour.

Delaware, which hails from the mid-sized town of Drammen outside Oslo, have come a long way since the outfit’s early incarnation as the punk/hardcore band Beyond in the early 90s. Such hits as Always and Crevice, soon caught the attention of (then) Sony Columbia Germany who signed the Norwegian outfit. Delaware released their debut album ‘… and everything reminds me’ on Sony in 2003 to strong reviews in Norway and abroad.

Since 2003, Delaware have toured extensively domestically as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark.

Delaware have now split with Sony/BMG and are currently signed to German indie StrangeWays. Their second album, tentatively titled ‘Lost in the beauty of innocence’ is scheduled for release later this year.

Download videos and audio here.

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