Popkomm showcase profile Kari Kleiv

Experience Norway’s one of the most vital new voices to come out of the Norwegian music scene of late; songstress Kari Kleiv.

Kari Kleiv 2005

London-based Norwegian singer-songwriter Kari Kleiv looks set to be the next powerful voice to come out of the Norwegian music scene. With a repertoire of heart-warming acoustic numbers and a fantastic voice Kleiv is destined for the bigger stages in the time to come.

Aspiring actress and heart-warmingly fine singer-songwriter, Kari Kleiv was born in Kristiansand on the southernmost tip of Norway and has subsequently lived in Los Angeles, AJpan and The Philippines. Along the way she has been the face of Minolta in the Far East and an aid worker in the slums of Panay. Now, rather handily for the Fierce Panda records A&R budget she resides in Holloway, North London. And she has crammed the entire above paragraph into her freshfaced 21 years. The last year has seen Kari stealthily working the London underground scene backed by her acoustic guitar, a set of strong tunes that belie her tender age and a steadily growing loyal audience.

Kari Kleiv’s latest single ‘When Can I See You” received a string of strong reviews earlier this year:
“When Can I see You is intimately bohemian and beautifully stripped down sad acoustica”. The Fly
“If you like sweeter than sweet, sorrowful vocal and picky acoustic guitar then you'll lap up this gem”. Music-News.com
“Glorious....This girl's music should be sent into space to explain what it means to be human!”. Brainlove.co.uk

The release also scored high marks with NME’s reviewer.

A live review: “La Kleiv is one of the most superhumanly affable figures on stage now, blessed with a wondrously fluid voice that often calls to mind Joni Mitchell at her very best, as well as a decidedly idiosyncratic lyrical style that lends itself well to brand new Big Brother-tendencies-puncturing number 'CCTV' and a homelessness song that falls on the right side of the 'The Theatre' / 'Another Day In Paradise' divide. Oh, and the gig finishes with some sparkling impromptu audience participation, as she ends up in an accidental duet with that half hour's new best friend. Which, in fairness, could’ve been anyone in the building…” Playlouder.com Review of March 05 Enterprise Show.

Kari Kleiv is signed to UK’s Fierce Panda.

Throughout her short but eventful career, Kari Kleiv has played such key venues as Kings Cross Water Rats, Charing Cross Borderline and the ICA as well as London’s Fruistock Festival. Kleiv’s Popkomm showcase at the Maschinenhaus / Popkomm Festiva Centre at 8:30pm on 16 September is her first gig in Germany.

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