Majorstuen: Jorun Jogga

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Majorstuen's 'Jorun Jogga'.

Majorstuen: Jorun Jogga (cover)

“Jorun Jogga” (Jorun jogs) confirms Majorstuen’s position as Norway’s currently hottest folk-music ensemble, known to make cooler pure fiddle music than anyone else. As a reflection of the double-natured essence of the band -the interplay of each member’s rural background and their meeting and joining forces in the city- they specialize in fusing distinctly contemporary urban experiences with an age-old traditional musical expression.
And this they do with subtle irony as well as fresh creativity, and above all musical virtuosity. It is indeed curiously compelling to come to grips with the juxtaposition of urban design-clad epiphanies –the asphaltian break-in of new blue sneakers- and sonics so intimately associated with the converse cultural stereotype.
And this novel, at times surrealistic, brew is this band’s essence and force, for it is not merely a superficial gimmick cloaking traditional music in urban outfits that are shed the minute you press play, nay, the street-incident minimalism and unromantic fumy air enters the music itself and is brought to the core of it, making the compositions themselves become strange-cool and surreal from the ground up.

For their effort in this direction they have been rewarded with popular applause, critical acclaim and a number of awards -including a Norwegian Grammy for their debut album I 2003- and bountiful opportunities both home and abroad.

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