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Music Information Centre Norway
P.O. Box 2674 Solli
(Henrik Ibsens gate 110
Solli plass - MAP)
N-0203 OSLO
Tel: +47 2327 6300
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Leif Ove Andsnes 2009 (photo: Yngve Leonhardsen/MIC) 3 (140x)

London performances for Andsnes in April 06.04.2010

Celebrated pianist Leif Ove Andsnes returns to the UK in April for a performance at the Barbican with the London Symphony Orchestra.


MIC Norway's news service:

Emil Nikolaisen bylarm 2006 (Foto: Kimm Saatvedt) (150x)

Serena-Maneesh heads out on US tour 26.03.2010

In support of their stunning new album ‘S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor’ – Serena-Maneesh heads out on a much anticipated US tour.


Vreid 2010 (150x)

Ja Ja Ja + Vreid 26.03.2010

Metallers Vreid will be Norway’s contribution to the Nordic club night Ja Ja Ja in London in mid-April.


Donkeyboy (150x)

Spellemannspris winners 08.03.2010

Winners of the prestigious Spellemannspris Awards; the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy were announced this weekend.


Maja Ratkje 2010 (photo: Håkon Eikesdal) (150x)

Maja Ratkje: Faster than sound 02.03.2010

Composer and performer Maja Ratkje featured at Wire Magazine-curated multi-tiered performance in the UK.


a-ha 2010 (photo: Stian Andersen) (150x)

a-ha to support new talent 01.03.2010

Out of their own pockets, pop icons a-ha are to donate NOK four million and give stage presence at this year’s farewell tour to four up and coming acts.


Maria Mena 'All This Time' 2010 (150x)

Maria Mena to the UK 24.02.2010

One of Norway’s most successful pop artists, Maria Mena, will finally make her debut in the UK this spring.


Pirate Bay_logo (150x)

Pirate Bay ban rejected 11.02.2010

Norway’s Civil Court of Appeal has dismissed the music and film industry's appeal against the ISP Telenor, calling for a ban on access to torrent tracker the Pirate Bay.


Phonofile header (150x)

Content aggravators announce merger 09.02.2010

Norway’s leading digital music content aggravators, Artspages and Phonofile, announce a merger of the two firms.


Jaga Jazzist One Armed Bandit (150x)

One Armed Bandit 04.02.2010

Renowned jazztronica collective Jaga Jazzist return with critically acclaimed album after a four year hiatus.


Steven van Zandt (150x)

Little Steven to create Norwegian TV-show 29.01.2010

Sopranos star and Bruce Springsteen's sidekick in The E Street Band to create TV series that depicts the road from the songwriting process to the concert arena.


CD-plater 2010 (150x)

On the domestic market – local repertoire outperforms international 27.01.2010

Historic sales figures from IFPI Norway: 2009 marks the first year ever that the sales value of local repertoire exceeded the international.


MusicDNA (150x)

Norwegian MP3 pioneers launch new music file format 25.01.2010

MusicDNA, a new rich music file format, has been unveiled by Norwegian MP3 development pioneers.


Valkyrien Allstars_folkelarm (150x)

Showcase Scotland 2010:

The Norwegian folk music scene 25.01.2010

In conjunction with the Norwegian focus at Showcase Scotland, we take the opportunity to present a “state-of-the-scene” outline of Norwegian folk. We spoke with two of the field’s key people, Silje Førland Erdal of the Norwegian Traditional Music Agency and Hilde Bjørkum of the Førde Folk Music Festival


Lindstrøm & Christabelle 2010 (150x)

Real Life Is No Cool 21.01.2010

Space-disco master Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has teamed up with esoteric vocalist Christabelle to record one of 2010’s most elegant outings: Real Life Is No Cool.


by:Larm-logo_svart_hvit (150x)

by:Larm’s official live programme announced 15.01.2010

Scandinavia’s premier music industry gathering; by:Larm announced its official live programme line-up this week.


Henrik Hellstenius 2009 II (150x)

The whole, the veil and the holes 23.11.2009

A philosophical talk with composer Henrik Hellstenius.


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 MICnorway Facebook screenshot

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