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Synne Skouen - Biography

Publisert: 05/30/2011 av - Red.


Synne Skouen (born 1950 in Oslo) studied at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien (from 1969-73); took theory and composition with Professor Alfred Uhl and Professor Erwin Ratz, and experimental composition at the Academy´s electronic studio, directed by the composer Dieter Kaufmann and the composer and conductor Friedrich Cerha. During this period she was also a member of the experimental music theatre group ”Die Fremden” (with, among others, composer Günther Kahowez). In 1976 she earned a Diploma in composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music following studies with Professor Finn Mortensen.

For a number of years she worked as a music critic in Arbeiderbladet , Oslo, and also became the first editor of the music periodical Ballade (now www.ballade.no). In 1993 she became head of music of the cultural channel, P2, og NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), a position she held until 1999, when she was asked to parttake in the reorganisation of NRKs cultural departments into one multimedial platform, becoming it´s first director.

From 2001-2005 she was the head of the board of the Norwegian Composer´s Union, during which she was also head of the Nordic Composers Council, and over the years she has been on the board in a number of different organisations, presently at Tono, Kopinor and NOTAM. She is also the norwegian delegate in the committee that selects the winner of Nordic Council´s music prizewinner. As a contracted columnist in Aftenposten (www.aftenposten/Meninger/Signert.no) she keeps up her journalism, for the most part with articles on cultural affairs.

During the years as an employee in NRK, she was not active as a composer. In recent years she again works full time as a composer, for the time being with a grant from the Norwegian State.


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