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Sigurd Jansen - Biography

Publisert: 10/11/2002 av - Red.


Sigurd Jansen (100x159)

Sigurd Jansen (1932) has worked for many years as a composer, conductor, pianist and as an arranger. He has worked
for NRK since 1967, where his main occupation has been to compose, arrange, direct and play piano.

He has earlier worked as an orchestra leader at Chat Noir, and as jazz pianist, orchestra leader and arranger on a
number of recordings.

In addition to having composed music for several films, Jansen was engaged as the music consultant for the Norwegian
pavilion at Disney World, EPCOT Centre.

On an international level, he has served as conductor for his own compositions and arrangements with, among others, the

He has received the following awards:

He has served in the following organizations:


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Sigurd Jansen

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