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King Midas - The Man From The Gas Station (110x110)King Midas tour Germany

Publisert: 12/02/2002 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Renowned five-piece return to their second home-country for an 11-date tour.

As of writing, Oslo/Berlin based combo King Midas are in the midst of their 11-date German tour. With their unique take on stylistically confident Scandinavian rock (not to be confused with rawk), and a career spanning two applauded albums plus inspired gigs King Midas have managed to build a loyal following. Their German tour starts in their beloved Berlin and continues with gigs in Magdeburg, Hamburg, Krefeld, Erfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Weimar, Frankfurt, Munich and Dresden

King Midas released their first self titled album in 1997. Their second album, Scandinavia was released in 1999 to wide critical acclaim. The band splits its time between two diverse cities, their native Oslo and the new hometown for many Scandinavian artists and musicians, Berlin. The German capital left its mark on Scandinavia and the band’s general appearance. Says the band of their last album: In between the songs on this daring concept album are cinematic sound collages which bring the listener out of mental balance with their hard core realism. The music is stylistically ice cold, but also has a truly ardent soul within.

Their latest release, The Man from the Gas Station EP released on Bergen’s Ellet label last year was a primer for King Midas third album that is expected in 2003.

For a complete list of King Midas’ German tour dates, go to MIC's event calendar.

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