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Midnight Choir - Waiting For The Bricks To Fall cover (200x200)

Midnight Choir receive German praise

Publisert: 05/15/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Midnight Choir have released albums and toured Germany for years, now their achievements are crowned with a “Best Album” award.
Listen to a 30 second clip of Midnight Choir’s Will you carry me across the water
Listen to more tracks or buy Midnight Choir’s Waiting For The Bricks To Fall album

Midnight Choir have released five albums since their debut in 1994, the latest being Waiting for the Bricks to Fall which was released earlier this year to wide critical acclaim.

Germany has been a key market for the expressive trio which consists of Al DeLoner, Ron Olsen and front-man Paal Flaata. Midnight Choir’s albums are released by Glitterhouse in Germany, and these releases have been supported by frequent touring. The band now enjoys a devoted and increasing following in Germany.

Recently the German Phono Academy awarded Midnight Choir the Best Album award in the Rock and Pop category for their Waiting for the Bricks to Fall. This award was given on a basis of all albums released in Germany in the first quarter. The winners of each quarter will later this year compete for the coveted Album of the Year award. The German Phono Academy Award’s board is made up of key industry representatives and respected music journalists.

Midnight Choir recently toured Germany supporting Richard Thompson and is scheduled to perform four additional live-shows later this year. A longer European tour later this year is in the planning. Go to MIC’s calendar section to check out the live dates.

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