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Jaga Jazzist - see them live at the Sónar Village sat. June 14th at 8:30 PM (300x219)Sónar Festival - three days of Norway’s finest electronica in Barcelona

Publisert: 06/13/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Tellè, Jazzland and Smalltown Supersound - three of Norway’s most vital independent record labels - showcase their strongest acts at the Sónar festival in Barcelona, Spain.
Listen to a 30 second clip of Jaga Jazzist’s Airborne
Listen to more tracks or buy Jaga Jazzist’s first album: A Livingroom Hush

June 12 saw Jazzland artists Bugge Wesseltoft, DJ Strangefruit and On/Off playing the Sónar Village. Wesseltoft is a seasoned performer on European stages having toured extensively over the last five years. He is also the founder of vital label Jazzland. On/Off is Jazzland’s most recent signing, and the duo (that consists of producers/DJs Patrick Shaw Iversen and Raymond Pellicier) are already picking up rave reviews for their debut album. DJ Strangefruit is one of Norway’s most respected DJs with countless applauded gigs under his belt. Strangefruit is also known for his collaboration with Nils Petter Molvær as well as acclaimed shows on national radio.

June 13 is Tellè Records night in Barcelona. The featured live-acts from the label that discovered Röyksopp and Kings of Convenience are Uusi Fantasia and Kaptein Kaliber plus renowned DJ and producer Bjørn Torske. Tellè have also invited along vital live-act Datarock from closely related sister-label Èllet Records. The Tellè/Èllet acts will perform at the Sonár Village. The Tellè showcase kicks off with Datarock at 6:30 PM, continues with Bjørn Torske spinning vinyl at 7:00 PM, Kaptein Kaliber tearing it up at 7:45, Bjørn Torske spinning again at 8:15 Pm and Uusi Fantasia rounding it off at 9:00 PM.

June 14 will see Smalltown Supersound acts performing at the Sónar Hall, beginning with the striking partnership of Jazzkammer and Sir Duperman at 6:30 PM – expect carefully constructed noise layers and glitchy electronica. The show continues wiuth renowned cut n’ paste electronica producer (and respected designer) Kim Hiorthøy at 19:30. Nothing short of a monumental climax is expected from vital ten-piece jazz/electronica outfit Jaga Jazzist who hit the stage at 8:30 PM. Jaga Jazzist have recently completed a mammoth European tour that has honed the collective’s live chops to an even higher level.

Scandinavian electronica at its best.

Other major international acts to play the Sonár Festival include Underworld, Björk, Aphex Twin and Pole.

More info on the official Sonár site.

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