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Lars Petter hagen (280x419)Young composer receives Arne Nordheim composer’s prize

Publisert: 10/13/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


This weekend, young and active composer Lars Petter Hagen received the prestigious Arne Nordheim composer’s prize.

The Arne Nordheim composer’s prize was founded by The Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs in celebration of the elder composer’s 70th birthday on June 20th 2001. The Arne Nordheim composer’s prize is awarded on an annual basis to a composer residing in Norway. The selecting committee is headed by Nordheim himself. The first composer to receive the prize was Maja Ratkje for her works “Waves 2B” and “Gagagu Variations”. Last year’s recipient of the prize was Kåre Kolberg.

Lars Petter Hagen, who was born in 1975, graduated from his composition studies at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in 2000. In 1996 he initiated the founding of Parergon, a vital printed outlet for debate and information on the contemporary music scene. Today, Hagen serves as president of the Norwegian Section of ISCM.

The award’s jury have focussed on Hagen’s dual roles as both a composer and a educationist. The jury’s statement reads: “The jury finds that the composer’s activity in these two fields is a result of a substantial need for expression. Lars Petter Hagen’s work “Nudes” clearly show the high temperature and poetic alloy found in his expression. The sonorous exploration of the ensemble’s palette showcase an original and technical confidence that’s destined to bring out the composer’s works to a wider audience in the near future.”

Read more on Hagen in his biography (link below).


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