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Midnight Choir - Waiting For The Bricks To Fall cover (200x200)Midnight Choir: Waiting for the Bricks to Fall

Publisert: 11/10/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Midnight Choir’s "Waiting for the Bricks to Fall".

“When the world is lonely as it often is, into the dark I go…” Indeed, “Waiting for the Bricks to Fall,” Midnight Choir’s fifth album, is a dark and sombre affair. The multiple Grammy-winning trio dives into the emotional underworld on Waiting for the Bricks to Fall, adding strings and choir to the sparse instrumentation of keys, double-bass, vocals and drums. Spacious arrangements grow into mighty proportions given the augmented instrumentation, creating a record that is varied, rich in contrast and filled to the brim with emotional content that spans the entire spectrum from anger and despair to elation but also resignation. Vocalist Paal Flaata’s finishing words brings the album to a numbed and fitting conclusion: “I can’t feel a thing, I can’t feel a thing anymore.”

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