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Salve Austenå: (cover) Slåtter fra Tovdal (100x)Salve Austenå: Slåtter fra Tovdal

Publisert: 11/27/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Salve Austenå: Slåtter fra Tovdal

This historically significant release features the last remaining active Hardanger fiddle player from the Tovdal valley in the region of Eastern Agder in the south of Norway: Salve Austenå (b. 1927). The focal point for “Slåtter fra Tovdal” is two traditional dance styles: gangar and springar – the oldest known Norwegian couple-dances. The tunes featured on this release were recorded between the late 50s and 1991, and represent a varied repertoire that spans an extensive time frame and a diverse set of styles within the traditional Tovdal context. Austenå enjoys a central position as a conveyor of the Tovdal tradition of dance styles. So central is his position that current definitions of Tovdal springar and gangar is more or less synonymous with Salve’s performances and teachings.

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