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Cissokho System (Foto: Rikskonsertene.no) (300x240)Cissokho System: Ka´ra

Publisert: 11/27/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Cissokho System: Ka´ra

Master kora player Solo Cissokho, who hails from Senegal, gathers a competent crew on “Ka´ra” to explore the rhythmic and harmonic opportunities inherent the African mbalax style. The polyrhythmic percussion and melodic vocal lines weave rich canvas upon Cissokho’s kora is left to paint vivid musical strokes. Cissokho belongs to the Mandinka people of Senegal, and passes on a rich tradition as a griot – a scald that transmits his people’s history, comments on various aspects of his community and accompanies key social events. Cissokho has previously been awarded such coveted awards as the 2003 BBC World Music Awards. With solid support from his African/Norwegian co-musicians, Solo Cissokho has created an album that could soon land him additional distinctions.

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