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Hjalmar Borgstrøm: Thora paa Rimol

Publisert: 12/03/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Hjalmar Borgstrøm: Thora paa Rimol

The opera “Thora paa Rimol” represents one of composer Hjalmar Borgstrøm’s (1864-1925) central works. Although respected by his contemporaries, Borgstrøm has not remained a household name with the general public. The Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and the TrønderOpera Chorus’ rendition of “Thora paa Rimol” will do much to re-establish Borgstrøm’s standing as a central Norwegian composer. “Thora paa Rimol” employs a theme that is well suited for an opera; Norse saga. The story that creates the opera’s basis centres on Olav Tryggvason’s assumption of power from Earl Håkon. Through clearly defined elements in music and text, Borgstrøm draws vivid and defined portraits of Olav Tryggvason’s noble-mindedness, the slave Kark’s cowardly nature and Earl Håkon’s vacillation between weakness and nobility. Borgstrøm has created a rich drama that sees lyrics and music merging to form a rewarding and cohesive opera.

Hjalmar Borgstrøm: Thora paa Rimol (Simax Classics – PSC 1230)

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