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deLillos: (cover) Midt i begynnelsen (200x203)deLillos: Midt i begynnelsen

Publisert: 12/08/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with deLillos: Midt i begynnelsen

deLillos’ career spans two decades, twelve albums and a horde of fans. Despite the band members’ lengthy careers and increasing age, deLillos manage to radiate a solid dose of youthful charm on “Midt i begynnelsen”. Front-man Lars Lillo Stenberg’s trademark high-pitched voice (somewhat reminiscent of a Norwegian Neil Young) adorns the charming tunes that are thoughtfully arranged. The band’s confidence is evident throughout “Midt i begynnelsen” – the playing is solid and of a quality that can only be reached through years of practise, performing and recording. The band’s position on the Norwegian scene is unrivalled; the members can lean back and do what they do best – write witty songs that’ll charm your socks off.

deLillos: Midt i begynnelsen (Universal Music – 064 469-2)

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