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Beady Belle: (cover) CEWBEAGAPPIC (170x152)Beady Belle: CEWBEAGAPPIC

Publisert: 02/24/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Beady Belle: CEWBEAGAPPIC. Trying to make sense of the weird title on Beady Belle’s second album? Since no single word can describe Beady Belle’s music, Beate Slettevoll Lech (previous Folk og Røvere) and her companions had to create a new word.

CEWBEAGAPPIC is a collection of antagonisms: complex/easy, white/black, electronic/acoustic, groovy/ambient, programmed/played, improvised/composed. To make the list even longer, nu jazz is another term frequently used to describe Beady Belle’s music. All the sounds are produced in a soft sound image with a comp consisting of bass, drums, piano, and electronica. Beate Slettvoll Lech’s beautiful voice is dreamy and expressive, flying away as a balloon in the blue sky, “I’m a fluttering helium balloon/I will rise up in the air this afternoon.” Slettvoll Lech has written all the lyrics, while another famous nu jazz name, mr. Jazzland Recordings, Bugge Wesseltoft, has co-mixed the album.

Beady Belle: CEWBEAGAPPIC (Jazzland Recordings)

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