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Johan Sara jr & group: (cover) Boska (150x150)Johan Sara jr. & group: Boska

Publisert: 10/01/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


Listen to Norway continues with Johan Sara jr. & group: Boska

Johan Sara jr.'s latest release, Boska has already manifested itself as one of the strongest Sami albums that have been released in recent years. This is the second record by Johan Sara jr. & group, and they are breaking new ground by fusing contemporary influences with the ancient joik tradition. Elements derived from electronica, jazz, world-music as well as pop and rock are mated with Sara’s matchless vocal style, which is powerful and near hypnotic. Sara, who has composed all the nine tracks, is also a producer and educated music teacher. For this record, he has gathered an ensemble of excellent musicians on flutes, string instruments, percussion, electric bass and synthesizer to make the music into something personal, expressive and yet still contemporary. A fresh and unusual musical adventure.

Johan Sara jr. & group: Boska (DAT)

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