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Ole Paus & Jonas Fjeld: (cover) Tolv rustne strenger (150x150)Ole Paus & Jonas Fjeld: Tolv rustne strenger

Publisert: 03/22/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


Listen to Norway continues with Ole Paus & Jonas Fjeld: Tolv rustne strenger

They have called their new album “twelve rusty strings,” but the two gentlemen are not as rusty as they insist. Country-, rock-, and ballad singers Ole Paus and Jonas Fjeld are experiencing success both on stage and on cd. This is the troubadours’ third album, and once again, they deliver harmonic and playful songs, touching upon different topics such as love for a city and a woman, Norwegian politicians, and polar heroes. Paus and Fjeld were also well known for most Norwegians before they joined forces, with more than thirty years experience behind the microphone. Their unique qualities meet in this duo, where Paus writes the lyrics and Fjeld most of the melodies. Fjeld’s voice goes deep and tender where Paus’ goes quirky and charmingly chatty. The duo is accompanied by a competent band consisting of Geirs Sundstøl (pedal steel) and Knut Reiersrud (guitar), among others, with everything but rusty strings.

Ole Paus & Jonas Fjeld: Tolv rustne strenger (Kirkelig kulturverksted)

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