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Noxagt: (cover) Turning It Down Since 2001 (148x150)Noxagt: Turning It Down Since 2001

Publisert: 03/25/2004 av Bente Kalsnes


Listen to Norway continues with Noxagt: Turning It Down Since 2001. Noxagt is doing everything else but turning it down. This is heavy, rumbling, soul wrenching music. Viola, drums, and bass thunder together in an inferno of noise, designed to satisfy heavy,- punk,- and noise fans.

The trio, Kjetil D. Brandsdal (bass), Nils Erga (viola), Jan Christian Kyvik (drums), calls their sound Nor Wave, but it can also be called hard core or anything that is progressive, burning, and unorthodox. The viola makes this a somehow unusual line-up. The bow cut and screams its way trough Brandsdal’s deep bass and Kyvik’s whirling drums. Even without vocal, the sound is so massive, you don’t miss anything, but at the same time, there is not room for any other sounds either. Produced by Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis, Sleep), this album has already made noise abroad.

Noxagt: Turning It Down Since 2001 (Safe as Milk Records)

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