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Madrugada live at the South By Southwest Austin, Texas mars 2003 (Foto: News of Norway) (200x238)New York week for Madrugada

Publisert: 04/28/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Legendary clubs such as CBGB’s and Sinè are among the staging grounds for Madrugada’s upcoming New York campaign. Beginning with Madrugada’s NY gigs, Norwegian music mag Mute launches a new promotional concert series that will bring Norwegian talent to the North American audience.

The central Norwegian music mag Mute is credited for bringing Madrugada to the NY audience. The publication now launches a concert series that aims at bringing Norwegian acts to an American audience, beginning with Madrugada’s NY gigs next week. The idea was initially conceived by the Madrugada members, but has since then been matured and developed with input from Mute editor Marianne Jemtegård and US resident Mark Steiner. Says Jemtegård to Norwegian daily Dagbladet: “For a long time now, we’ve having an internal discussion at Mute on what we can contribute in order to produce some noticeable results for Norwegian music abroad. Norwegian bands that are renowned at home should also be able to have a go at the US market. This concert series represents three important factors: the bands get to play in front of a discerning crowd, they get an opportunity to network and bond with other bands and the music industry and media will be able to check out the Norwegian acts.”

Mute plans to run two or three concert series each year, with the next gigs scheduled for October. The next featured act is yet to be disclosed.

Says Madrugada bassist Frode Jacobsen on Madrugada’s upcoming NY gigs: “New York is an inspiring city to be in. So far we’ve mainly concentrated on Europe, but our aim for this trip is now to land a record deal and launch a US tour. The UK press has given us some rave reviews for our “Grit” album, and based on that several American albums have signalled interest in us.”

A revised version of Madrugada’s applauded “Grit” album (originally released on the domestic market in 2002) was launced in UK to wide critical acclaim in early March. To date, the band has released three albums, garnering rave reviews at home and abroad. The band has a solid standing in such territories as Germany, France and central European countries, but has yet to reach out to a wide audience in the UK and US. Things could be about to change, given the strong UK reviews and mounting US interest.

Madrugada recently played some selected gigs in the UK. Playlouder Magazine’s Iain Moffat was pleased with what he heard: “Basically, this is an hour and a bit in the company of the four Norsemen of the apocalypse, and it's wondrous stuff indeed. Come join the ride!”

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