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Music in a Free State (300x370)

Music in a Free State - concert calendar


20 composers and their works performed by the five central Norwegian orchestral insitutions - here are the dates for the important events.

This concert calendar outlines the featured works, their composers, the performing orchestras as well as the various dates for the historically important events:

5.8./7.8.2004 Ludvig Irgens-Jensen: The Homeward Journey – Dramatic SymphonyTrondheim Symphony Orchestra
- St. Olav Festival
2.9.2004 Pauline Hall: Verlaine Suite Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
16.9.2004 Harald Sæverud: Symphony No 6 Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
16.9.2004 Geirr Tveitt: Piano Concerto No 4 - Aurore Boréale Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
15.10.2004 Finn Mortensen: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
- Ultima Festival
21.10.2004 Fartein Valen: Sonetto di Michelangelo - Nenia - Cantico de Ringraziamento Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
28.10.2004 Arne Nordheim: The Tempest - Suite Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
14.1.2005 Antonio Bibalo: Symphony No 2 Norwegian Radio Orchestra
3.2.2005 Alfred Janson: Prelude - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
10.2.2005 Hjalmar Borgstrøm: The Thought - Symphonic Poem Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
18.2.2005 Gerhard Schjelderup: Brand - Symphonic Drama Norwegian Radio Orchestra
2.3.2005 Leif Halvorsen: Growth of the Soil (feature film on Hamsun's novel) Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
1.4.2005 Rolf Wallin: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
21.4.2005 Johan Halvorsen: Cantata for the Coronation 1906 Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
22.4.2005 Asbjørn Schaathun: Actions, Interpolations and Analyses Norwegian Radio Orchestra
28.4.2005 Ketil Hvoslef: Antigone - Symphonic Variations for Orchestra Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
12.5.2005 Ragnar Söderlind: Symphony No 4 Norwegian Radio Orchestra
26./ 27.5.2005 Arvid Kleven: Symphonic Phantasy
Lasse Thoresen: Concerto for Hardanger Fiddle, Keyed Harp and Orchestra World Premiere
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (- Bergen International Festival)
4.6.2005 Olav Anton Thommessen: A Glass Bead Game - World premiere Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra - Bergen International Festival

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26.05.2004 Music in a Free State

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