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Ephemera (photo: Hugo Lütcherath & Aslak Høyersten) (334x334)Popkomm showcase profile: Ephemera

Publisert: 09/09/2004 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Ephemera play the Kalkscheune on September 30

With their third album Ephemera finally made it to the nation's hearts. The utterly charming Bergen trio that consists of Christine Sandtorv, Jannicke Larsen and Inger Lise Størksen captivate listeners with their rich vocal harmonies, beautiful melodies and absorbing tunes. "Air's" opening track and first single, "Girls keep secrets in the strangest ways", earned Ephemera nearly six months of consecutive airplay at national radio stations, pawing the way for the album. "Air", which is released on the trio's own label Ephemera Records, subsequently debuted at Top 10 on the national charts, and has since then achieved gold sales. International attention is mounting and given Ephemera's strong recorded output, the future could hold some welcome surprises.

Ephemera recently released a new taster from their upcoming album. The single “On the surface” is currently performing very well on the domestic radio charts. The new album is scheduled for domestic release in late October.

Ephemera play the Kalkscheune on September 30

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