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Jazzmob: Pathfinder (cover) (175x176)Jazzmob: Pathfinder

Publisert: 01/21/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Jazzmob’s 'Pathfinder' album.

This all-star band tears through a set of originals under the leadership of saxophonist Jon Klette. The set is a mix of studio takes and live renditions, with the concert takes featuring an extended band blowing at full throttle. Modal structures with searching solos over a solid backbone is the common denominator for many of the tunes. The sense of dynamics is also well developed within the collective; they can be as hard-hitting as any and offer lots of drive and punch. The level of musicianship is very high with the solos matching the multi-layered and challenging compositional structures. Improvisational fireworks has been employed as a term to describe the collective’s explorations – join in and watch the sky as it becomes lit with Jazzmob’s pyrotechnics.

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