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Knut Nystedt: Apocapalypsis Joannis (cover) (200x199)Knut Nystedt: Apocapalypsis Joannis

Publisert: 01/21/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Knut Nystedt’s monumental work 'Apocapalypsis Joannis'.

Apocapalypsis Joannis is a symphony for two soloists, choir and orchestra by composer Knut Nystedt. It was commissioned by the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra for the composers 85th birthday and premiered on august 31st, 2000 in Oslo.
The premiere was recorded and is hereby present on disc. As the title indicates the symphony is inspired by the Book of revelations (St John) Knut Nystedt has played a leading role in Norwegian contemporary music since the middle of the previous century. He was instrumental in the development of a modern choral community in Norway, and also became a great inspiration for contemporary composers. Nystedt has himself composed extensively and diversely. His works scope the musical landscape almost in its entirety and he has gained a strong position in various genres, resulting in numerous commissions. Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra is widely recognized as one of the worlds’s leading. Their awards are innumerable and conductors have included many of the brightest stars on the firmament of classical music. It is the promising and much sought-after Aril Remmereit who has the honour on the present recording. He has conducted several top-rank orchestras and has done master classes with Metha and Bernstein. On Apocaplypsis Joannis the Oslo philharmonic orchestra is joined by the beloved Oslo philharmonic choir. The 160-strong choir enjoys a special status for its performances of the really large-scale choral works. Soprano Mona Julsrud is educated in Oslo and London. She has cooperated closely with composers Frans Brüggen and Phillippe Herreweghe and performed in Europe, Asia and America. James Gilchrist is an internationally acclaimed tenor. The before-this doctor has performed and recorded with several leading orchestras and his musical reputation proves his professional deflection was right.

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