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Lars-Erik ter Jung & Thomas Kjekstad: Twitter Machine (cover) (250x233)Lars-Erik ter Jung & Thomas Kjekstad: Twitter Machine

Publisert: 01/21/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Lars-Erik ter Jung & Thomas Kjekstad’s 'Twitter Machine'.

The duo of ter Jung on violin and Kjekstad on guitar have had a number of works composed for them by some of Norway’s most vital contemporary composers. Mark Adderley, Eivind Buene, Henrik Hellstenius, Knut Vaage and Eliza Weisenbaum (aka Lars Petter Hagen) have all composed works specifically for the violin/guitar duo and the end result is a set of playful, contrasting, multi-faceted, exciting and challenging pieces. ‘Twitter Machine’ (the title refers to a 1922 painting by Paul Klee) contains a diverse palette of sounds that range from free contemporary rhythm patterns and ambiance, via tunes that resemble German TV-series soundtracks to sonorous landscapes inspired by Chinese music. Warmth, cold, light, dark, melancholy and a solid dose of humour are disparate characterisations that apply to a release out of the ordinary that literally begs for your attention.

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Lars-Erik Ter Jung, Violinist

Thomas Kjekstad, Guitarist

Mark Adderley, Composer

Eivind Buene, Composer, Guitarist

Henrik Hellstenius, Composer

Knut Vaage, Composer, Pianist

Lars Petter Hagen, Composer

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