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Trio Mediaeval: Soir, dit-elle (cover) (200x200)Trio Mediaeval: Soir, dit-elle

Publisert: 01/21/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC’s Listen to Norway series continues with Trio Mediaeval’s 'Soir, dit-elle' .

Soir, dit-elle' is Trio Mediaeval’s second album. Their debut was 2001’s “Words of the Angel”, which brought out the panegyric that resides in the heart of every critic.
The trio’s So-called Scandinavian sound was considered a refreshing and substantial contribution to the realm of sacred music. The choice of medieval repertoire for their young soprano voices was remarkably successful according to connoisseurs of the style. The singing of the three women has been characterized as uniquely transparent and pure at the same time as the melodic abilities are rare. Especially the blending of the three voices, and their control and intelligence in so doing, has been the cause of much acclaim. On their former release the focus was on classical works from the medieval period. This time the majority of the works are original, especially composed for the trio; as a consequence of their high status in the sphere of medieval music. The exception is pieces by Leonel Powers; a key figure in English 15th century music. The great temporal span thus represented on the record serves to reveal the distinct qualities of sacred music that renders the expression non-temporal; “an intimacy with the continuous, timeless present” to quote the words of John Potter of the Hillard ensemble; instrumental in the formation of the Trio Mediaeval and producer on this ECM release.

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