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Publisert: 01/07/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The music industry is gearing up for one of the main events of the year; Midem in Cannes, France. No less than 35 Norwegian companies have set their sights for the Palais Des Festivals.

So there we are again, the music industry's biggest yearly event: Midem. Following the latest years trend the Norwegian delegation is as strong as ever with 35 companies heading for Cannes.

As has been the case the last couple of years, Music Export Norway co-ordinates the Norwegian participation to Midem 2005. With a tastefully designed stand that usually brims with activity; the stage is set for an eventful rendezvous with the international music industry.

Under the supervision of Music Export Norway's Inger Dirdal, more than 35 companies converge on the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes to establish new contacts, maintain existing ties and spread the gospel of a strong Norwegian scene.

The 2005 delegation includes record labels, managements, various organisations and governmental bodies.

To better prepare the Midem attendees in advance of the kick-off on 23 January, MIC Norway here presents a list of the Norwegian delegation. Browse the participants’ web-sites, read our short profiles and you'll be ready to meet us at booth no. 11.02.

Norwegian companies at Midem 2005:

Artspages is a global partnership of rights owners and technology providers – a nexus between the arts, media and R&D community facilitating sustainable eCommerce in the culture and content industries. Artspages aggregates music and associated copyrights from throughout the world, digitises that content and supplies it to B2B customers globally.

Black Balloon Records
Another strong independent with a hard-hitting profile. Key acts include El Caco, Lowdown and Insense.

Curling Legs
A veteran jazz label with a roster that features such strong acts as Come Shine, Solveig Slettahjell and Chillinuts.

daWorks Records
Label that showcases some of the strongest names on the Norwegian r'n'b circuit such as d'Sound and Winta. d'Sound have experienced strong international attention lately, and the German market in particular has shown great interest.

DCM Oslo
CD/DVD Manufacturer.

Elin Torset
Recording artist with her debut album coming up shortly.

The Norwegian Independent Record Producers Association.

Gemini Records
Leading Norwegian jazz label. Releases Norwegian artists and imports and distributes international releases.

Glamfish Productions
Glamfish Productions provides on-demand composition and production services to artists, TV & film companies, advertising agencies, publishers and labels. The company’s in-house label is currently promoting LateBloomer and Legotrip, two up-and-coming electronica acts.

Gram, Hambro & Garman Law firm
Legal assistance.

The Norwegian Association of Recording Artists.

Grappa Music Group
Veteran independent label with a varied and strong roster. Has enjoyed considerable international attention for such acts as Zuma and Johanna Demker.

Hacate Entertainment Group
Originally, a US publishing company that has now relocated to Oslo. Represents a wide variety of artists and genres

Another veteran label with a long-standing and strong international profile. Has experienced considerable success with such Norwegian language (!) artists as Kari Bremnes.

Kong Tiki Records
Independent label with a strong roster that includes acts Cadillac, CoStar, Pekka Volt, Popium and Richochets.

Distribution, importer, exporter, wholesaler

Independent label with a broad and diverse profile that spans from rock and hip-hop to commercial pop, soundtracks and even contemporary music. Strong back-catalogue and a well-built international network (particularly in South East Asia). Key artists include Furia, Oslo Fluid and Birgitte Stærnes.

Music Export Norway
The co-ordinating body for the entire Norwegian presence at Midem 2005. Runs the Norway Now stand and promotes companies and showcasing bands at the trade fair.

Musicians Union Norway
The union for professional Norwegian musicians.

Distributor focusing mainly on jazz releases.

Independent distributor and parent organisation for several key Norwegian independent record labels.

The Society of Composers and Lyricists.

Nordic Records
Indie with such acts as Kristiania, Padington and 3-11 Porter on its roster.

Norwegian Artists and Songwriters Association
An interest organisation for songwriters and performers in the popular music field.

Norsk Musikkforleggerforening (NMFF)
The association of Norwegian music publishers.

Trondheim-based independent run by veterans in the trade.

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
The Norwegian national broadcasting company.

Planet Noise
Planet Noise is an independent record label that operates a unique "virtual artist pool" and a well-run web-site for music downloads. Focus is on electronica and key artists include Bermuda Triangle, Ost & Kjex, Nils Noa, DJ Ariane and Gork.

Pop Partner
Regional association of booking agencies, venues and record companies based in the central eastern part of Norway.

PS-Music Norway
Sales and distribution of DVDs and music

Rofi Elektro
Importer/exporter of CDs and DVDs.

Song Records
Independent record label that focuses on releases by the labels owners Thomas and Turid Stanghelle.

A key independent distributor as well as parent company for a number of vital labels such as Port Asur and TWPB.

Voices Music & Entertainment
One of Norway's most central independent distributors with a solid roster that contains a wide variety of labels and genres. Will also represent such key indie labels as Beatservice and Smalltown Supersound

Waterfall Records
Renowned studio, production and management company that has a knack for discovering new talent. Atlantic signed (but now defunct) duo M2M was discovered by the Waterfall team and several of its new talents have been picked up by some of the industry's major companies.

Naturally, the Music Information Centre Norway will also be present at Midem.

Related companies:

Artspages International

Black Balloon Records

Curling Legs Productions

DaWorks Records AS

Norwegian Independent Record Producers Assoc., NIRPA

Gemini Records AS

Glamfish productions

Association of Recording Artists

Grappa Records AS

Hacate Entertainment Group Norway

Kirkelig Kulturverksted AS

Kong Tiki Records AS

Massemedia AS

MTG Productions

Music Export Norway AS

Norwegian Musicians' Union

MusikkLosen AS

Musikkoperatørene AS (M.O.)

NOPA - Society of Composers and Lyricists

Nordic Records

Norsk Artistforbund

Norwegian Music Publishers' Association

Norwave AS

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Planet Noise

PS-Music Norway

Tuba Records AS

Voices Music & Entertainment AS

Waterfall Music as


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