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46664 logo (231x89)Nelson Mandela to visit Tromsø benefit concert

Publisert: 02/04/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The summer’s 46664 concert in Tromsø will be visited by the man that spawned the global HIV/Aids awareness concert series.

11 June will see one of North Norway’s biggest cultural events to date. Tromsø has been designated as host city for a 46664-concert that is to raise awareness for and focus on fighting the spreading of HIV/Aids. The upcoming benefit concert will be visited by the living legend that spawned the highly successful concert series: former South African president and Nobel Prize laureate Nelson Mandela.

Says Tromsø’s mayor Herman Kristoffersen: “It means a lot for us and the cause that Mandela has decided to visit Tromsø. This will generate more publicity for the event and for the HIV/Aids awareness cause. I bid him a warm welcome to the north.”

The roster for the summer’s 46664 concert in Tromsø is not official yet, but it is expected to feature a top-shelf line-up of domestic as well as international acts.

46664 is Nelson Mandela’s campaign to help raise Global awareness of AIDS/HIV. 46664 launched last autumn by Mandela in London aims to highlight the emergency of AIDS/HIV through unique live events and music related initiatives.

46664 was the former President of South Africa’s the prison number when he was held in captivity for 18 years on Robben Island in Cape Town. Last November a huge Concert was held at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town which featured a galaxy of international music talent including Beyonce, Bono, Dave Stewart, Queen and Anastasia. This show was the first of many planned world wide events. The Cape Town event drew a global audience of 1,5 billion viewers.

"To win this fight, we all must do more. Do more to tell people about protection. Do more to fund those making such a difference on the frontline to fight HIV. Do more to demand leaders give people the medicine, the care, the treatment they need when they have AIDS … By supporting 46664, we can unite in the fight to do more. Do more to try secure a future for everyone, everywhere free from HIV / AIDS." Nelson Mandela (1st April 2004, Johannesburg - South Africa)

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