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Affinis Ensemble's 'Anatomic Notebook' (cover) (150x150)Affinis Ensemble: Anatomic Notebook

Publisert: 05/30/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Affinis Ensemble's 'Anatomic Notebook'

Affinis Ensemble has proved to be one of the pivotal ensembles in the new wave of innovative contemporary music performers. Their early-nineties fluxus-like happenings and experimental concerts set the stage for a new generation of composers and performers that followed in the wake of Affinis’ exploratory forays into new territory. The ensemble has worked closely with such central composers as Mark Adderley, Kaare Dyvik Husby and Eivind Buene, and many of the works featured on ‘Anatomic Notebook’ have evolved and developed in close interaction with the vital Affinis’ players. Together, the composers and performers challenge the notion of ‘normality’ and convention, challenging the listener with minimalist patterns, complex atonality and playful virtuosity. Listen deep and you’ll be rewarded.

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