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The Jessica Fletchers 2005 (300x303)

The Jessica Fletchers announce US-tour.

Publisert: 06/01/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


Norwegian retro-psychedelia favourites head out on a 16-date tour of western USA.

Only weeks after returning from a prolonged and successful European tour the Jessica Fletchers head out on an intensive American west-coast campaign in early June.

Starting off with two initial shows at NYC's Delancey Lounge, on June 11th and 14th, the band then heads west to Denver on the 17th. The final show will be in Houston almost a month later, on July 8th.
Most dates will co-feature the Jessica’s American favourite band Dressy Bessy.

The tour coincides with the US-release of their latest album “Less Sophistication" on Rainbow Quartz

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