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Schtimm 2005 (photo: Aage Olai Asphaug) (292x197)Schtimm head out on German/Swiss tour

Publisert: 06/07/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


In support of their third album 'Featuring...', Trondheim-based outfit Schtimm head out on a German/Swiss tour this week.

The celebrated quartet which hails from the Saltdal area in Northern-Norway, has received unanimous praise for their latest outing ‘Featuring…’, released last year in Europe through Make My Day Records

‘Featuring..’ was recorded in a remote Northern-Norwegian fjord in a remote and cramped cabin far from any urban luxuries. The beautiful string arrangements featured on the album were written by composer Fred Johnny Berg and performed by members of the Bodø Sinfonietta. The album also features contributions from the Bodø Cathedral’s youth choir.

The album has been met with a string of very strong reviews, particularly in Germany. Below are a few excerpts:

Dreamy, beautiful middle-of-the-night music from Northern Norway. Feathery and warm as a newly purchased down duvet. Beautiful.

Beautiful, well-composed twilight-music bordering on kitsch.
(Rolling Stone)

The last singles from ’Featuring…’, IDIOTsong and The Sixth Wheel are now seeing domestic airplay. Studio sessions that will lead to ‘Featuring..’s’ follow-up are set to commence after the completion of the band’s upcoming German/Swiss tour.


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