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iTunes UK sept. 2005 (utsnitt) (400x329)iTunes UK runs Norwegian jazz campaign

Publisert: 09/29/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Apple’s hugely successful music download service, iTunes, has launched a UK campaign with a strong focus on Norwegian jazz in its UK version.

With such artists as Arve Henriksen, Solveig Slettahjell, Bugge Wesseltoft, Arild Andersen, Sidsel Endresen, Jan Gunnar Hoff and Silje Nergaard at the forefront, iTunes UK has now launched a major Norwegian jazz campaign.

The front page of iTunes UK’s Jazz section store is now dedicated to some of Norwegian jazz’ top-shelf acts and performers with a selection of albums that represent a vibrant cross-section of what’s going on at the moment with strong outings from such respected labels as Rune Grammofon, Curling Legs, NORCD, Jazzland, KKV and more.

It is hoped that iTunes’ UK focus on Norwegian jazz will lead to similar campaigns in the sister Music Stores in Europe, US and Japan.

Here’s the current list of highlighted Norwegian releases on iTunes’ UK store (more to come – check the Music Store for updates):

Arve Henriksen: Chiaroscuro
Vigleik Storaas: Open Excursions
Knut Værnes & Vertavo String Quartet: A Night In Cassis
Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endresen: Duplex Ride and Nightsong
Arild Andersen: Sagn
Erik Wesseltoft Quintet: Con Amor
Solveig Slettahjell: Slow Motion Orchestra
Hilde Marie Kjersem: Red Shoes Diary
Silje Nergaard: Brevet
Jan Gunnar Hoff: In town
Børre Dalhaug: Bigbandblast!
Danny Gottlieb, Frode Berg & Knut Værnes Super Duper
Helén Eriksen: City Dust
Inger Marie Gundersen: Make This Moment
Isglem: Fire

Related companies:

Rune Grammofon

Curling Legs Productions


Jazzland Recordings

Kirkelig Kulturverksted AS


Related persons:

Arve Henriksen, Jazz musician, Trumpetist

Vigleik Storaas, Jazz pianist

Knut Værnes, Guitarist

Jens Bugge-Wesseltoft, Jazz musician, Pianist

Sidsel Endresen, Jazz singer

Arild Andersen, Bassist, Composer

Solveig Slettahjell, Artist, Singer

Silje Nergaard, Artist

Jan Gunnar Hoff, Pianist, Composer

Børre Dalhaug, Drummer, Big Band Leader, Composer

Frode Berg

Karl Seglem

Terje Isungset, Drummer, Composer

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