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Dharma - Dreamland, Baby (140x140)Dharma: Dreamland Baby

Publisert: 12/09/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Dharmas 'Dreamland Baby'

As both band name and album title indicate Dharma make no secret out of which aspects of reality they regard the subject matter of their music. However, the name Dharma does apparently not so much refer to the Buddhist term itself as to Jack Kerouac’s use of the word in his ‘American beat-version of the flow’. So even if it this band does not regard reality as a veil, they do want to take the listener awake into dreamland, and this they do very agilely, utilizing a swell of subtle elements and nuances that interweave and swirl delicately, sketching ephemeral images and gently caressing the mind over and over. The record is distinguished by this overflowing production and by song-writing that is strong in its elusive kind of way.

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