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MiN-CD: Party Music, cover (300x297)MiNensemblet: Party Music

Publisert: 12/14/2005 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with MiNensemblet's 'Party Music '

The MiNensemblet is one of Norway’s few professional chamber ensembles and is based in the county of Nordland in the Northern part of the country. This is the ensemble’s second outing and it features three of Norway’s most innovative composers, Mark Adderley, Henrik Hellstenius and Jon Øvind Ness as well as the highly respected British composer Jonathan Harvey. The title refers to Adderley’s work which is, as the title implies, a lively and joyful affair. Party Music is followed by Harvey’s vivid sound portrait Tendril. – a colourful and multi-faceted work that sits comfortably next to Hellstenius’ surreal Songs from the outside and Jon Øivind Ness’ frantic Donkey Shot. ‘Party Music’ sounds fresh, vital and convincing and solidifies the MiNensemblet’s position as one of the country’s leading contemporary music ensembles.

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