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Henning Kraggerud: Sibelius / Sinding - Violin concertos (200x201)Henning Kraggerud: Sibelius / Sinding - Violin concertos

Publisert: 12/14/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Henning Kraggerud's Sibelius / Sinding - Violin concertos

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius is arguably the greatest composer hailing from the Nordic region. Some of his works belong to the treasure of western culture.
His technically demanding violin concerto was written in 1903 but revised several times before Sibelius was content. Himself a violinist, he had a clear grasp of this instrument’s technical potential and limits.
Norwegian composer Christian Sinding belonged to the elite of Norwegian artists. Trained in Leipzig his work is distinguished by technical assurance and a rare handling of the orchestra’s lyrical charm.
His violin concerto No. 1 stems from 1898, while the romance in D-major was written in 1910.

Henning Kraggerud counts among the shining stars of international violinists. In Norway he is appreciated for his magnificent playing, but also for his truly artistic personality, always glowing as it is, with enthusiasm and a deep dedication to the edifice of art as such. He is no narrow-minded specialist, but rather, regarding his young age, a uniquely learned and reflected artist. Kraggerud is always drawing influences from all kinds of expression, and relentlessly pursuing art’s essence; composing, band-leading, recording, teaching and, of course, always performing exquisitely on the violin.

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