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Jørn Fossheim and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra: Dobrowen: Piano Concerto and Sonatas (150x150)Jørn Fossheim and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra: Dobrowen: Piano Concerto and Sonatas

Publisert: 12/14/2005 av Christian Lysvåg


MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Jørn Fossheim and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra's 'Dobrowen: Piano Concerto and Sonatas'

On this recording Norwegian Pianist Jørn Fossheim and the Academic orchestra of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, under Alexander Dmitriev, perform selected works by the Russian pianist, composer and conductor Issay Dobrowen.

Dobrowen’s talent was quite unique and his career radiant from the very start. An acclaimed soloist already as a child he soon took up composing and excelled also at this. But it was as conductor and musical director that he won the greatest fame and was considered among the greatest of his time.
His shift towards conducting and producing was largely due to continuous re-location, something again due to the political situation in Europe between the two world wars.

When Fossheim, a much sought after pianist who has taken special interest in Russian music, and the Academic orchestra performed Dobrowen’s piano concerto in 2001 it had not been performed in Russia for seventy years. It was a meaningful manifestation that a Norwegian soloist and a Russian orchestra should collaborate to reissue his work since Dobrowen was a Norwegian citizen since 1928 and Oslo’s was one of the opera houses he led in that period. This record, Fossheim’s debut, consolidates that event.

The Academic Orchestra of the St Petersburg Philharmonic is one of Russia’s best and not least dearest orchestras. Alexander Dmitriev ranks among the finest conductors in Russia and has a long and glorious career with the orchestra.

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