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Serena Manesh/ Emil Nikolaysen, 2005 (Foto: HoneyMilk/Morten Andersen) (330x503)Serena Maneesh lands single of the week in The Guardian

Publisert: 02/14/2006 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Serena Maneesh is surfing a wave of acclaim these days. Rave reviews for their gigs at by:Larm and now also Single of the Week in The Guardian.

This week sees Norwegian noise masters Serena Maneesh’s Drain Cosmetics being heralded as single of the week in The Guardian. Writes David Stubbs: ‘Not a pidgin aspersion on the appearance of one of the Williams sisters, but a Norwegian band who are to Primal Scream and the Mary Chain what Primal Scream and the Mary Chain were to the Velvets and the Stones. But blissed-out nostalgia for blissed-out nostalgia rock works fine here. Drain Cosmetics comes at you in miasmic cloudbursts of guitar, distorted and refried, floating over you, showering you with acid rain then floating on before you know what happened, lingering like a crush.’

Says Serena Maneesh front-man Emil Nikolaisen to Dagbladet.no: ‘This is awesome! We found out about the single of the week thing on Sunday, but we’re still not sure whether if we have fully realised it yet.’

Later this week the much hyped outfit is set to play two gigs in London in support of the release of Drain Cosmetics in the UK through Playlouder.

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