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Lorraine 2006 (395x274)Waterfall launches joint venture with Sony BMG UK

Publisert: 02/17/2006 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Norwegian production company and record label Waterfall has announced that it is to collaborate with Sony BMG UK on artist development through a new joint venture: Waterfall Records Ltd.

Norwegian independent production company and record label Waterfall recently announced that it has launched a new UK joint venture with giant Sony BMG.

For a number of years, Norwegian independent Waterfall has enjoyed great domestic and international success both as a production company as well as a record label. Since its foundation as a production company in 1997, Waterfall has successfully launched such artists as M2M, Gisli, Karin Park and Span. One of the company’s latest signings is hot-tipped Bergen-based trio Lorraine who are set to release their next album through Waterfall/Sony BMG UK this autumn. As producers, songwriters and remixers, Waterfall have contributed to albums by such major international artist as Kylie Minogue and S Club 7.

Says Waterfall Records’ Tarjei van Ravens to Norwegian music industry publication FaroJournalen: ‘We have founded a new company in partnership with Sony BMG UK which has been christened Waterfall Records Limited, which is owned 50/50 by the two parent companies. Sony BMG UK will contribute with financial backing for artist development and consequently have a first right to exploit artists that are launched through our organisation.’

van Ravens believes that the new joint venture with Sony BMG UK will enable more Norwegian acts to build solid and lasting international careers: ‘We believe that we have increased our chances compared to earlier. Our aim is to build solid and lasting international careers for our artists. I also believe that as we start to achieve some concrete results, we’ll find ourselves in a situation where we’ll become a very attractive partner for domestic acts.’

The new partnership with Sony BMG UK allows the Norwegian company to focus on what has become its forte; artist development and export of prime Norwegian talent: ‘Now we have the opportunity to do what we’re best at; development of new talent and export of Norwegian artists’ concludes van Ravens.

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