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Roskilde festival - Orange stage (300x199)

Roskilde ’06

Publisert: 06/23/2006 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Next week sees the start of one of Northern Europe’s most important festivals, Roskilde, and true to form the Norwegian contingent is strong and diverse. Eight Norwegian acts ranging from JR Ewing to KILLL and Serena Maneesh are set to deliver the goods at the Danish festival.

The Roskilde Festival 20065 kicks off on 29 June and lasts until 2 July. As always, the Norwegian contingent is ever present, both on stage and among the tens of thousands of spectators. This year’s Norwegian Roskilde line-up is strong, varied and diverse featuring such acts as Kaizers Orchestra, JR Ewing, Chris Lee, KILLL and Serena Maneesh.

The Cheaters

Rewind the clock and let yourself be knocked over by the three tough comets Øyvind Skarsbø, Henrik Width Kristiansen and Kristian Hodnesdal from Oslo, who play tearing rock’n’roll inspired by 60s beat music and 70s punk. The Inspiration comes from now-defunct groups like The Jam, The Maggots and a pissed off version of The Who. But the band has quite an impressive stranglehold on the past and has without a sweat updated the sound to 2006. The Norwegians are already won over by the band who only looks towards the top.

Showtime: Sun 25.06 15:00 Scene: Pavilion Junior

Chris Lee

The name Chris Lee may not sound familiar in all parts of the world, but the 23-year-old Norwegian rapper and vocalist from the village Sandvika a bit outside of Oslo has made a name for himself – both in his home country and in the US where he has supported big shots such as Naughty by Nature, Tha Alkaholiks and Souls of Mischief. Chris Lee spends most of his time in the Bay Area-based group International Loose Cannons who has recently played at the biggest clubs in San Francisco and Oakland.

Showtime: Tue 27.06 Scene: Pavilion Junior

JR Ewing

From underground and hardcore to major label and larger musical conquests. In JR Ewing’s progressive post-hardcore the gestures have assumed an epic shape with spheric outbursts, leaving lots of room for the darkened emotional chords that the band has always played. The title of JR Ewing’s latest album Maelstrom is quite accurate as you are struck by a genuine sonic whirlpool. With a harmonic balance between complexity and comprehensibility, the outfit pulls vital strings from the rocking heart and prove that grand ambitions can be realized.

Showtime: Fri 30.06 20:00 Scene: Odeon

Kaizers Orchestra

The kaizer-like favorites take on Roskilde once again. With an anarchistic and staggering mixture of crashing rock, Balkan umpa, sea shanties and a nod towards Bob Hund and Tom Waits, the Norwegian band gets ready for one hell of a party. Kaizers Orchestra are spectacular and surprising – not least live when they incorporate pump organ, double bass and percussion beatings with crowbars on oil barrels. Lots have happened since Kaizers Orchestra first visited Roskilde: the band is now one of the absolutely biggest Nordic acts, and with three albums in the luggage they have a repertoire containing so many hits that the party never ends.

Showtime: Fri 30.06 17:00 Scene: Orange

Listen to and download Kaizers audio here. h


They come from electronica, rock and death metal, and when they gather in KILLL, music emerges and fuses the possible with the impossible. Confused? If not, you will be. KILLL counts members from Jaga Jazzist and JR Ewing – but the band only exists when the four get together to play live. This is why their music has not yet been recorded but has to be experienced live. With an infernal collage of noise mixed with rhythmical sophistication and hypnotic soundscapes, ‘extreme music’ is a suitable label for KILLL which otherwise does not limit itself by genre concepts. Get ready for a concert that will challenge the conventions

Showtime: Sun 02.07 15:00 Scene: Pavilion

My Midnight Creeps

My Midnight Creeps is a fusion of Robert Burås and Alex Kloster-Jensen from the established Norwegian rock bands Madrugada and Ricochets. In this new project they play a dirty The Stooges-like garage rock with organic fillings when the pared guitar chords is animated by both saxophone, organ and melodious blues- rock, not much unlike a band such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. My Midnight Creeps knows how to deliver the goods with constant charges of intense rock cascades that will start a loud party with lots of punches in the midriff.

Showtime: Fri 30.06 23:00 Scene: Pavilion

Listen to and download MMC audio here.

Purified In Blood

Slayer-inspired act Purified in Blood plays a modern metallic hardcore hybrid with thrashing elements. The six-piece breaks with the Nordic metal legacy and in terms of style they cross the Atlantic to the sound of moshpits and the atmosphere of the American metropolis. Heavy riffs, melodious solos, pumping drums and brutal vocals are kick-started by an energetic attitude and youthful fighting spirit spiced up with political messages. In 2006, Purified in Blood won the award of best live act at Alarmprisen in Norway.

Showtime: Wed 28.06 16:30 Scene: Pavilion Junior

Serena Maneesh

Divine beauty merges with overwhelming ferocity when Serena-Maneesh passionately explore the melodic paradoxes of rock history in their own distinct fashion. They are inspired by such differing sources as Southern blues, Neu! and Gershwin when angelic pop symphonies, distorted noise rock and dreamy, hypnotic sound trips unite in perfect symbiosis. With the self-titled debut from 2005, Serena-Maneesh have caused massive anticipation far beyond their native Norway with timeless and unique compositions that seem strangely outlandish, yet quite familiar.

Showtime: Fri 30.06 03:00 Scene: Pavilion

Listen to and download Serena Maneesh audio here.

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