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Halldis Rønning (145x180)Young Norwegian conductor Halldis Rønning became the first woman to conduct at the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam.

Publisert: 12/01/2006 av Christian Lysvåg


In celebration of 35 years of diplomatic relations between Norway and Vietnam three prominent Norwegian musicians are appearing with the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. The first part of the program consists of two concerts; on November 30th and December 8th. Special attention befell Halldis Rønning on last night’s premiere, being the first woman to conduct at Hanoi Opera House.

The joint venture comes to pass as an initiative by Oslo’s Ultima festival for Contemporary Music, which has been involved in the development of the Vietnamese classical music scene for years. This undertaking has included collaboration between Norwegian musicians and the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra is the locomotive of the Vietnamese classical scene and it is now becoming en ensemble of international format, aided, in part, by the extensive collaboration with Norwegian institutions and musicians.

Thus Norwegian musicians performing with Vietnam’s leading orchestra is a natural and fitting way of celebrating 35 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries. In addition to Halldis Rønning, the concerts feature soprano Siri Torjesen and flutist Ingela Øien.

The program includes some epitomic pieces from the classical tradition in Norway and Europe: works by Grieg, Mozart and Debussy, as well as a work by Norwegian Modernist Fartein Valen and an opening piece by Vietnamese composer Trong Bang.


November 30th, Hanoi Opera House
December 8th, Ho Chi Min City (Saigon)


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