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Lindstrøm to produce next 120 Days album

Publisert: 02/16/2007 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


One of Norway’s most hailed producers is set to produce labelmates 120 Days’ sophomore album.

Influential US web-site Pitchforkmedia reports that one of Norway’s most successful electronica producers/remixers/DJs, Lindstrøm, is to produce labelmates 120 Days sophomore album.

Writes Pitchformedia.com: “It's a Norwegian affair: spaced-out disco maestro Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has joined forces with spaced-out friends, labelmates, and countrymen 120 Days, producing tracks set to appear on the quartet's upcoming sophomore LP.

Fans of one another's work-- and both signed to Smalltown Supersound-- Lindstrøm and 120 Days have rendezvoused in the studio with designs on fashioning three new cosmic jams. Look for those songs on a special 12" later this year, and on the follow-up to 120 Days' 2006 self-titled debut sometime after that.

In other news, Lindstrøm will soon release a 12" with vocalist and collaborator Isabelle Sandoo. He also has a remix EP on the way via Smalltown. Titled The Contemporary Fix, this one's a topsy-turvy affair: Eye from Boredoms, Justin Van Der Volgen from !!!, and labelmates Bjorn Torske all give esteemed remixer Lindstrøm a taste of his own medicine.”

120 Days have embarked on a hectic tour schedule with gigs in London this week. Early March sees the start of the collective’s US/Canadian tour which includes gigs on the East and West Coast as well as appearances at music industry event South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

Lindstrøm heads for Japan in mid-March to play a set of dates with fellow producer/DJ Prins Thomas.

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