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Thomas Dybdahl 2007 s/v m/gitar (300x400)Thomas Dybdahl live webcast

Publisert: 04/20/2007 av - Ed.


Watch Thomas Dybdahl’s live show at Amsterdam’s Paradiso on April 25th directly on your computer.

As previously reported, Thomas Dybdahl is about to embark on a European tour in late April with shows in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Fans unable to catch one of the renowned singer-songwriter’s live shows now have a unique opportunity to download some of that trademark Dybdahl magic to their Macs and PCs, courtesy of Dutch online-concert channel Fabchannel.com.

April 25th sees Dybdahl performing at Amsterdam’s Paradiso club and the entire concert will be webcasted by Fabchannel.com. The webcast starts at 20:30 CET.

Direct link to Fabchannel’s Thomas Dybdahl live webcast can be found here.

Afterwards the concert will be included to the online video archive at www.fabchannel.com. The concert footage featuring Thomas Dybdahl, live as well as on demand, is free for everybody to watch.

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